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miss filly institute of pole
miss filly institute of pole

Are you ready to

Starting September 1st, we're bringing you a pole flip challenge, with daily online tutorials showing you how to perform the flip effectively and safely!


If you previously found yourself getting flip-anxiety and letting Jesus take the wheel, then this is for you babe!

What you'll get if you sign up

miss filly institute of pole

Fliptember FAQs

What do I get if I sign up to the challenge?

You'll get 30 pole flip tutorials and 30 flip combos to learn how to add the flip into a pole combo. They will be released each day of September. You'll also get access to an exclusive online group to stay motivated and a certificate of completion at the end of the challenge.

How much is it to join the Fliptember challenge?

It will cost $29.99 AUD to join - that's less than $1 a day!


When does the challenge start?

The challenge starts 1 September to 8 October 2023 to give you extra time to catch up if needed. Plus, you get access to the Fliptember content for 2 months, so you can keep practicing your flips even once the challenge ends.

What happens if I miss a day in the challenge?

No stress - you can catch up! The challenge ends on 8 October 2023 to give you extra time.

What do I need for the challenge?

You will need a pole and a crash mat is optional. If you don't have one, ask a friend to spot you if needed. Remember, safety before sexy!

Do I need to be at a certain level of pole to join in?

You'll get the most out of the challenge if you're Advanced or higher. You should know how to invert, shoulder mount and leg hang confidently. Having a strong handspring/ayesha (either straight, cup and twisted grips) is also recommended.

Can I get a refund if I don't do the challenge?

No. Unfortunately the Fliptember Challenge cannot be refunded once purchased.

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