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The Institute Online

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The Institute Online

The Institute Online FAQs

How is The Institute Online different to Hybrid Online classes?

The Institute of Pole Online is an on-demand, video tutorial platform. You can do the tutorials at your own pace, pause them and rewatch or revisit parts later. When you join, you can access the videos for as long as your membership is active.

Our Institute of Pole hybrid classes are filmed in real time with our in-studio classes. This means that if you book a hybrid online class and attend at the time of the class, you can participate "live" and ask questions and get feedback, just like you would in-person, in the studio. For our hybrid online classes, you’ll get the recording emailed to you and have access to it for 6 days after the class.

Can I use my Institute Online membership for in-studio classes or hybrid classes?

The membership for the Institute of Pole Online is for the virtual tutorial platform only, and cannot be transferred into in-studio or hybrid classes. However, your Institute of Pole Online memberships come with a select number of hybrid classes included, giving you the opportunity to experience our hybrid class style too.

Can I use my bonus Hybrid Classes any time throughout my Institute Online virtual membership?

The hybrid classes are a free gift to you with your membership so you'll get them once your trial has finished. These class passes have a 3 month expiry from the date your free trial concludes, and can be used for ANY of our hybrid class at the Institute of Pole! Not in the same time zone? No worries, every class is recorded with a 6 day replay on all hybrid class recordings. Download the GloFox app to book your hybrid classes.


How long is my free trial period?

All Institute of Pole Online classes come with a 7 day free trial. Your membership payments will start once that trial has finished. 

Do I need to be at a certain level of pole to join The Institute Online?

Each of the online tutorials identify which pole levels they are suited for, so you can decide if they will be appropriate for you.

How do I manage my account with The Institute Online?

Visit the website and log in using the 'log in' button in the menu. Once you have logged in, you will be able to view your profile and manage your account, payments and memberships in your profile. Please email us with any questions or issues at

Can I book private lessons with The Institute Online instructors?

Yes our team offers Zoom privates and in-studio private lessons. They are not included in your membership and will be paid for separately. Please email us for more information at

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