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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an account?

1. Download the Glofox App (click here for Android, or click here for Apple) and search for The Miss Filly Institute of Pole.
2. Create an login with an email and a password, then create an account with your name and email address.

3. To purchase class passes, merchandise, or any stocked item, add your credit card.

You're ready to go!

How many terms are there and how long are they?
We have 4 terms a year and each term is 10 weeks long.

What are the Holiday Timetables?
Holidays Timetables are in between terms! They run for 2 weeks (sometimes 1 week).
We take a break from the syllabus and put on fun specialty classes and have guest instructors. Requests for types of classes are welcome!

Do I have to wait for the start of Term to book?
No. Even though we have a progressive syllabus for every trick level, you can jump in anytime! Our class pass booking system means you get flexibility when booking. Plus, we always try to revise content in each class.

What are the Term Dates this year (2023)?

Term 1 - 30 January to 9 April

Holiday Timetable - 10th April to 23rd April

Term 2 - 24 April to 2 July

Holiday Timetable - 3rd July to 9th July

Term 3 - 10 July to 17 September

Holiday Timetable - 18th September to 1st October

Term 4 - 2 October to 3 December

Holiday Timetable - 4th December to 22nd December

Do you close on Public Holidays?
Nope! It's business as usual for ALL public holidays (except for Christmas holidays).

What is the Class Cancellation policy?
If you cancel 8 hours or more before your class your class credit is returned to you.
If you cancel 8 hours or less before your class you'll need a doctors certificate to have the credit returned. 

How long do I have to use my Class Pass?
If you get a single class pass, you have 3 months to use it. 
If you get a 5 or 10 pack of class passes, you have 6 months to use it.

How long do I have to use my Private Lesson credit?
If you get a single Private Lesson you have 3 months to use it. 
If you get a 3 or 10 pack of Private Lessons, you have 6 months to use it.

Are Online Classes recorded?
Yes! Everyone who books into an online class will get the recording, whether they attended live or not. The recording will be available to watch for 6 days from the time of the class.


What time zone are you in?

We are based in Melbourne, Victoria (GMT+10) . All class times are listed in Australian Eastern Standard / Daylight Time.

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