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Our Instructors

Our instructors are experienced in all aspects of the pole world. From club dancing, burlesque residencies and podium dancing, to teaching private functions and winning pole dance competitions. They have travelled the world to perform, and teach at various pole dance workshops and retreats.

Miss Filly Pole Dancing

Miss Filly

Studio Founder & Head Instructor


Miss Filly is a professional competitive pole dancer with over twelve years’ experience in the pole dance industry. She is a full time instructor and owner of Melbourne's newest boutique pole dance studio, The Institute of Pole.


Miss Filly has shared her passion for pole internationally at pole dancing camps and retreats, through training and supporting new pole instructors as well as creating syllabuses for poles studios worldwide. Her unrivalled experience makes her one of the most sought-after coaches on the pole competition scene.


Pole Icon - WINNER 2023
Pole Icon - 2nd Place 2022

Podium Goddess - WINNER 2022

Exotic Generation Hardstyle – 2nd Place 2021

Miss Pole Dance Australia – 3rd Place 2019

Pole Championship Series (Arnold Classic) - WINNER 2018

Australian Pole Championships - WINNER 2017

Victorian Pole Championships - WINNER 2017

Pole Championship Series (Arnold Classic) - Women’s 2nd Place 2017

Australian Pole Championships - 2nd Place 2016

Miss Pole Dance Australia - WINNER 2017

Paragon International Pole Dance Competition - WINNER 2015

Australian Pole Championships - 3rd Place 2015

Victorian Pole Championships - 3rd Place 2015

Miss Pole Dance Australia - WINNER 2015

Miss Pole Dance Australia Doubles - WINNER 2014

Miss Pole Dance Victoria - WINNER 2014 

The Miss Filly Institute of Pole

Bec T


Bec has been a pole instructor since 2019, and has been passionate about fitness, dance and performing for most of her life. She started pole dancing as a fun way of increasing her fitness, but it quickly grew into one of her strongest passions. She loves how pole dancing provides a fun way of getting fit while also helping build self-confidence and body positivity. Bec loves to work with students of all abilities to help them reach their body's potential.


Miss Pole Dance Victoria - 3rd Place 2023

Podium Goddess Semi Pro - WINNER 2023

Podium Goddess Groups - WINNER 2023

Australian Pole Championships - Battle Champion 2022

Frisk - 2nd Place 2022

Australian Pole Championships - Amateur 3rd Place 2021

The Institute of Pole

Indi Rose (Britt)



Indi Rose started pole in 2015 after wanting to learn ballet with a friend. With an accidental Google search mishap, she ended up with a voucher for a beginner pole course. With a background in hockey and theatre sports she loves that pole celebrates so many different styles and is a diverse performer and nurturing teacher. She is excited to be part of her student’s pole journey by adapting to their learning style and finding that thing that makes it ‘click’!


Podium Goddess - Semi Pro WINNER 2024

Inferno (NZ) - Crowd Pleaser Award 2022 
Pole Legends (NZ) - Ultimate Female Champion 2021
Pole Stars (NZ) - Showgirl Division and Overall WINNER 2019
Pole Championship Series, 2019 - 3rd Place Amateur
NZAPP 2019 (NZ) - Christchurch Open Division WINNER
Pole Stars (NZ) - 2nd Place Artistry Division 2016

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The Miss Filly Institute of Pole
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